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When Western Michigan College graduate Kelly Swanson isn’t working as a doctor assistant at Clarkston Dermatology, she’s working a profitable weblog and TikTok account the place she educates her readers and viewers on correct skincare procedures and merchandise. These credentials make her a go-to particular person to debate the intersection of dermatology and buzzworthy social media skincare developments. Beneath, Swanson weighs in on among the web’s most talked about skincare practices.

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Kelly Swanson is a physican assistant at Clarkston Dermatology. // {Photograph} courtesy of Kelly Swanson


What it’s: Slugging is the appliance of an occlusive ointment (assume Vaseline or Aquaphor) on the finish of a skincare routine. Sluggers say that this apply creates a barrier to lock in all of the merchandise utilized beforehand, and ends in easy, glowy pores and skin.

What Swanson thinks: “I feel slugging turned common as a manner of restoring the pores and skin barrier while you’re utilizing stronger elements like retinoids, zits medicines, and so on. I don’t assume it’s a nasty idea, however what I feel folks fail to understand is that for those who’re utilizing moisturizing manufacturers like Cerave, which is predicated off of ceramides which can be meant to revive the barrier, that’s sort of already doing the job of what slugging would do. If folks prefer it, there’s no convincing them to cease. It’s not horrible, however it’s definitely not vital within the skincare routine.”

Buzzworthy elements

What they’re: Elements like niacinamide and caffeine have been trending on social media for making a glowing, easy complexion.

What Swanson thinks: “They’re stylish. These sorts of elements are sometimes hiding in merchandise anyway, just like the Cerave AM and PM lotion has niacinamide in it. I feel it provides good issues to the pores and skin, however I’m not telling folks to expire and purchase that ingredient by itself. Caffeine is one other one that folks can use, however don’t really want to expire and get. Glycolic acid is one which I encourage for a brightening impact. I have a tendency to simply encourage the fundamentals.

Double Cleaning

What it’s: Double cleaning is the method of utilizing an oil-based cleanser to interrupt down any make-up or residue on the pores and skin after which following that up with a water-based cleanser.

What Swanson thinks: “It is dependent upon the way you outline double cleaning. I’ll use micellar water earlier than I wash my face, which I don’t actually think about double cleaning. When you’re utilizing two cleansers to clean your face then you’re most likely stripping a whole lot of the traditional oils that you simply want and disturbing the barrier of the pores and skin. If you wish to use a micellar water and comply with it up with a mild cleanser, it received’t have such an intense impact.”

Celeb skincare manufacturers

What they’re: Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Pharrell, and Jessica Alba have created common skincare manufacturers impressed by their very own easy, acne-free complexions.

What Swanson thinks: “Personally, I feel these are simply buzzy due to the creators. I haven’t seen something that knocks my socks off when it comes to merchandise and elements. I feel it’s sensible what they’re doing; they’re taking elements like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and so on. that everyone is speaking about and utilizing them. These elements are good, however they may not be as impactful as conventional, acne-fighting elements.”

Ice Rolling

What it’s: One other large development on social media, icing the face is alleged to cut back puffiness, reduce redness, and tighten pores.

What Swanson thinks: “It’s gimmicky. I do know folks find it irresistible as a result of it feels fancy and it looks like self-care. There’s nothing flawed with doing it; I did it throughout quarantine, so I might inform my followers if it was value it or not. I used to be very diligent about doing it, however did I see outcomes? No. Did I really feel fancy and like I used to be treating myself? Sure.”


What it’s: Tretinoin is a prescription retinoid that has gained a cult following on social media. Stronger than retinols and containing a excessive focus of vitamin A, retinoids like Tretinoin assist pace up mobile turnover to assist with zits and anti-aging.

What Swanson thinks: “We prescribe Tretinoin very often and it’s a very nice retinoid. You need to know how one can use it with the intention to get the very best advantages. It’s not one thing you’ll be able to simply slather throughout your face and count on outcomes. It’s among the best retinoids accessible beneath direct supervision.

Facial Sculpting Instruments

What they’re: Gadgets like NuFace, which use microcurrents to tighten and tone the muscle tissue within the face making a extra sculpted, lifted look.

What Swanson thinks: “Similar to the ice rolling. I attempted these gadgets as effectively, and I see the way it may also help with lymphatic move and massaging any drainage out of the face within the morning, however it’s undoubtedly not vital for a routine.”

Be taught extra from Kelly Swanson at kellythedermpa.com and on TikTok.


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